Photography Fair

A small and free event. Visitor are kindly offered to donate a small amount of money. Two alleys where the editors show artist books, limited editions and prints. The current state of the production in photography, on a national scale.

Salesmen, curators, writers and photographers co-exist behind the tables where the works for sale are presented. Due to the unusual density of artists, here to present their work, it would have been particularly hard to criticize anything openly, or even to compare two people’s works in an obvious manner.

Since we still are in the world of art, an obsequious attitude is prescribed, which consists in thanking infinitely, smiling, taking good care in analyzing each book one responsibly takes in hand. Demonstration books are on top of the small piles of neatly packed ones waiting to be sold. I meet many artists and curators, once again unexplainably enthusiastic about my being a “western” artist.

But there were very good meetings: the artists from the MP1 collective, introduced to me by Futoshi Hoshino; and the one who calls himself  “Photographer Hal”.

I will soon post interviews of these people, related to my research on cruelty.


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