Hair Stylistics {concert} (April 10 2012)

I had never seen a concert with so much perturbation.

Usually a concert is perturbated by surrounding noises, or by an accident.
This one was to be the opening of a rock concert.
I don’t know if it is myth or reality, but Nakahara Masaya had forgotten an adaptor for one of his machines.
Thus he entered on stage in the middle of the rock concert. Watch the videos to know what i mean by rock. I mean the worst kind of corned beef possible, slime’n’sludge’n’scum’n’mucus galore.


He intruded in the middle of that horror.


It was rather funny, for it seemed the band was not ready. The lead guitar player, post-teen pseudo-solo-prodigy, grimed and waved energetically to the sound engineer in order to be relieved of the pain inflicted by Nakahara’s noise machines sent back in HIS return speaker.


The band left the stage. “His” concert began. But the band came back after twenty minutes, and he had to leave.

About ten minutes later he came back on the stage with a new machine, and started making horrible pseudo melodic sounds. Again the band left for about three minutes.

Then the singer (how miserable i felt not to have filmed that) came back and resentfully unplugged Nakahara’s machines from his amplifier in one single and arrogant gesture, shyly showing his chin when the aggressive victim turned back to understand what was happening. Commercial shit thus put an end to purifying noise.


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