Luke Wyatt Screenplay Party + Hirozumi Takeda&UCNV 2012/4/28

Have you ever heard of Luke Wyatt?

I had not. Although it’s not like I’m not interested in glitch art, I suppose I don’t have such a good memory for names… However I will not forget that name now.

What a party they organized for him at Forest Limit! A great venue by the way, very much like a Berliner bar….. and being at the first floor under a building (B1), it has all the aspects of the alternative feeling one should get before getting into a Luke Wyatt showcase.

Here are extracts of the video show, which featured stuff by PPU (People’s Power Unlimited).

and here are some links:

After the video-club experience, noise artist Hirozumi Takeda and glitch programmer-artist UCNV performed for a bit less than an hour. A very interesting insight of the actual state of the glitch-making scene, and the video cannot show that Hirozumi Takeda is using some speakers on which he concentrates balls of aluminium paper, which made them resonate, etc….

All the sound comes actually from several such experiments, as well as a distorted beat box aiming at some mystical mandala-like explosion of the audience’s auditory capacities.

The videos here, as usual, cannot reflect “the feeling of being there and alive, in that corner of time… whatever it meant.”


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