Masaya Nakahara (Violent Onsen Geisha/Hair Stylistics) Short Interview 10/04/2012

Nihonjinjanai: Your name is Violent Onsen Geisha. Any comment?

Masaya Nakahara: There is no meaning to the choice of “violent”.

Onsen is a hot spring; the onsen geisha is a hooker. I am talking about a violent hooker.

N: You are into many projects; you are a writer, and your exhibition of your works at Sprout Gallery. How do all these things make sense together?

MN: I hate writing; i hate to write novels because it is boring. Painting is my pleasure. I like to make music too.

But I hate all establishment and academy. I’m more interested in magazines.

N: We need a translator to make this interview correctly! Thank you.

MN: Please, let’s meet again.


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